1. I acknowledge that the employee relationship begins when Manco HR Inc and I agree whether or not in writing to assign me to perform work. Any internal assignment, test, internal orientation, interviews, resume submission and training are not to be constructed as the commencement of employment.
  2. I understand that it is Manco’s availability policy that I m required to notify Manco of my work availability on a weekly basis (before noon on Tuesdays). Manco will assume that I am no longer available and my employment relationship with Manco will no longer be active if I fail to give any work availability update status to Manco for three consecutive weeks.
  3. I understand that I am employed by the Manco and not the client site for which I am working, and that my length of service or assignments are considered temporary. As an assignment employee, my assignment may be terminated at any time without advance notice or pay in lieu of notice. In the event, that my employment is terminated, I will be paid in accordance with but limited to the Employment Standards Act.
  4. I understand, that as an on-call/ casual/ temporary employee that I am not guaranteed for any hours of work, and all work is on call as needed. Further I could be called upon to change work or end work with no notice as a casual/on-call/temporary employee.
  5. I acknowledge that all the information provided on this form and any other information supplied to be accurate and true. I grant Manco the permission to verify all the statements and call any employer for reference information. To this end, I understand failure to provide accurate information may result in termination with cause.
    • I acknowledge that in the event that I suffer a work-related injury that I must report it immediately to the client supervisor and to your Manco representative. I will then need to complete the necessary Workers Compensation injury reporting forms within 24 hours of seeking medical assistance. Later reporting a claim will mean that Manco will be fined by the Workers Compensation Board.
    • I acknowledge that I will be expected to Functional Abilities Form (FAF) and maintain weekly contact with Manco during my recovery.
    • I acknowledge that suitable modified work is available and will be offered if I am temporarily unable to perform my duties.
  6. I grant permission for Manco to send me all written communication via mail. I further acknowledge and confirm that it is my preferred method of communication venue by providing my email address mentioned in application.
  7. Work related injury :

    In the event, that you suffer a work-related injury, you must report to the client Supervisor and to your Manco HR office. You will need to come to the Manco HR branch to complete the necessary workers compensation injury reporting forms within 24 hours of seeking medical assistance. Late reporting of a claim will mean that Manco HR will be fined by the workers compensation board. You will be expected to supply functional abilities medical information or specific restrictions and maintain weekly contact with Manco during your recovery. Manco HR will contact you to discuss return to work options during your recovery. **Suitable modified work is available and will be offered to you if you are temporarily unable to perform your regular duties. **
  8. Serious Injury Notification Policy


      Manco HR Inc. is sincerely concerned with injury/incident prevention.Our goal is to take a pro-active approach in preventing injuries/incidents at our workplace. It is our policy to care for any victim(s) first, by providing immediate first aid and emergency transportation if necessary and to ensure that all other personnel are safe. In accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, all workers and clients are to be educated and instructed to report all injuries/incidents (which may or may not have resulted in any damage or loss). All such situations must be investigated to determine why the situation occurred and identify the hazards, which should be eliminated or minimized.

      An event that results in physical harm to an employee. An injury is often directly referred to as an accident.
    3. INCIDENT :

      An undesired event that could (or does) downgrade the efficiency of the organization. An incident does not cause physical harm to a person or damage to property. However, under slightly different circumstances it could have.
    4. SERIOUS INJURY-Immediate Notice :

      Section 172 of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation requires immediate notice of certain accidents An employer must immediately notify the Board of the occurrence of any accident that resulted in serious injury to or the death of a worker, involved a major structural failure or collapse of a building, bridge, tower, crane, hoist, temporary construction support system or excavation, involved the major release of a hazardous substance If there is any doubt, treat the injury as a serious injury until proven otherwise.

      In the event of an injury/incident, the following internal and external reporting requirements must be adhered to.

      Client supervisor immediately Manco HR Inc. manager

      Serious injury or fatality – WorkSafeBC, immediately by phone 1-888-621-7233 or after hours at 1-866-922-4357 and separate preliminary written report required within 48 hours (Employer Incident Investigation Report (EIIR)). WSBC, within 72 hours, if worker loses time, seeks medical treatment or earns less than regular pay.

      A prompt announcement following an injury/incident has several benefits including: Increases safety awareness. Actions can be taken before there are other incidents. Helps employee relations by providing facts rather than distortions.
    9. Effect of Policy :

      Violations of this policy are considered a serious offence and may result in the imposition of discipline up to and including termination and cancelation of services.
    10. Documentation :

      Management will maintain all documentation relating to the Serious Injury Notification Management Policy.
    11. Program Review :

      The Serious Injury Notification Management Policy will be reviewed at least annually to ensure all programs, policies and procedures are in line with current legislated requirements. All managers, supervisors and employees will be notified of the results of the review and will be communicated on the changes to the program.

    Workplace Policy

    • You Must
      • Follow all the instructions provided by the supervisors/lead hands at the respective worksites
      • Protect your health and safety by complying with all the applicable Acts and Regulations and following policies, procedures, rules and instructions as provided by our customers
      • Workplace health and Safety Rules, and Policies are a part of the orientation at our customer locations. In case you are unclear and feel unsafe, report to your supervisor immediately
      • Report the supervisor or manager, as soon as possible, any hazardous conditions, injury, accident, or illness related to the worksite
    • PPE Policy:

      You must always have and wear the following while working, as per the work requirements:

      • Safety Vest and Steel toed shoes
      • CSA Certified Steel toed shoes
      • Orange Color high visibility safety Vest
      • For construction related worksites:
        1. steel toed shoes must be of ankle length- 6 inch upper
        2. Wear Safety Hat / Hard Hat
        3. Wear Safety Eyewear / Glasses
        4. Wear a respirator- if required at worksite
        5. Wear Safety gloves- if required at worksite
        6. Any other safety equipment as required at the worksite
    • Tardiness:
      • Reach the workplace at least 15 minutes prior to your shift start
      • Be present at the work floor for your attendance
      • Back to work at least a minute before the scheduled breaks end
    • Cell Phone Policy: Zero-Tolerance Policy
      You must not use cell phones at the workplace while working; it imposes a serious threat not only to you but to others as well. Usage of cell phone is a safety violation and will cause an immediate termination
    • Presentable and Personal hygiene:
      • Bathe or shower daily. Good personal hygiene begins with a clean body.
      • Wash your hair regularly
      • Oral Hygiene, Brush and floss daily
      • Use deodorants
      • Clean hands and fingernails